Why snuggling with babies has a lifelong positive effect?

Snuggling is one pious act that is understood across all cultures and languages. Don’t matter what the situation is, a hug just makes you feel better instantly. Hugs initiate the release of “happy hormones”, serotonin and endorphin, which instantly help to lower stress and blood pressure levels. However, the most powerful hugs of all is between a mother and child.

The research has discovered that snuggling can positively affect the baby’s health and can help in reducing stress and good for better sleep. Infants who get a lot of hugging and touching from their mothers are proved to be much calmer and more resilient in their later age. Physical touch helps to speed up weight gain in immature babies. Hugging effectively helps babies to deal with aches and pains and speeds up healing.

Benefits to snuggle a baby

  • Create a lifelong bond.
  • Reduce the stress level.
  • Helps improve breastfeeding
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Improve sleeping patterns.
  • Create a secure and familiar environment.

Human contact can help in typically rising the levels of hormones which play a vital in social bonding and relief i.e. Arginine and Oxytocin. Based on the study it’s found that the babies who’re unable to get much physical contact and happened to be more distraught at a young age.  Researchers have found the long-lasting effect of snuggling is good for babies which could positively affect their health inn later life.

For example, babies given massage therapy while in their incubators, they were found to be healthier and calmer and comparatively stays at hospital for shorter time. While on the other hand, the babies who’re unable to get these types of therapies unfortunately, they lack this satisfaction level.

In fact, infants who snuggled or massaged well had better sleep, positive response towards stress and cry, more than that, they had some unique abilities which aren’t fond in those incubators treated babies. Most important fact, those effects were long lasting up to 10 years later of their younger period. Researchers found that the snuggling could helpful in releasing stress and strengthen the heart and most importantly it creates calmness during the upset times.

Modern researchers have found that infants are highly sensitive towards touch and cuddle. That’s why the scientific research emphasise on gentle touch towards new-borns because the holding can calm and comfort them. New-borns are found to be calm and effective response towards cuddling and skin-to-skin touch could have positive effects for a longer period of time.

According to scientists, snuggling babies can help them in their social and physical life for years afterwards. They found a solid effect of snuggling in whole life. I.e. a stronger link of closeness and affection in early life and provide comfort and calmness at later years.

While the children who are unable to get body massage, cuddling or snuggling at early ages are lack of these social hormones and if we try to comfort them at later ages even as toddler its much difficult to be much active as the others.

Gently comfort the baby to keep them calm.

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