Best Pregnancy Books in India Reviews

Pregnancy is one of the major events in a woman’s life. Whether you are now pregnant for the first time or second time, you always try to give birth to a healthy baby. Similarly, moms of a newborn baby are also concerned on parenting. In all these situations, you can start flipping through the pages of best pregnancy book in India.

We have now helped you to choose one of the good books to read during pregnancy for baby.

Most of the young couples strive to get the accurate information on pregnancy conditions, breastfeeding and parenting. Some books are written for moms, who are still with their baby bumps. However, lots of other books are composed for new moms, who have just given birth to a baby.

The best books also discuss the topics on various medical conditions, healthy diet charts for moms and babies and solutions to different issues.

Other things that you have to check are

  • Content presentations – The best authors always present the information in an interesting format. They use friendly language for the readers, without creating any confusion.
  • Format of the book – The book may be in paperback or Kindle version or other e-book formats.
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We have now reviewed the best pregnancy books in India.


1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Written by one of the reputed authors, Heidi Murkoff, this book is useful for all the parents in the present generation. The author has focused on the common questions, raised by the pregnant moms. You can’t find any story in this paperback. It presents you with the useful information. This book is designed not just for moms but also for the young dads. The dads get new tips to manage their babies. You can also read about best prams for babies in India. 

Heidi Murkoff has also talked about the baby bumps, and trendy topics in the present lifestyle, like e-cigar, juice bars, GMOs, organic foods and many more. The new moms may read the chapters on cesarean trends and breastfeeding. There is also reliable information on IVF pregnancy treatment facilities.


  • Latest edition
  • Comprehensive pregnancy book
  • Includes diagram and notes
  • Clears all your questions


  • Outlined unnecessary symptoms

2. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

From various reviews on the best pregnancy book in India, we have chosen it as the most reliable paperback. The kindle edition of this book is also available to the readers. The pregnancy specialists at Mayo Clinic have created this book. The pregnant women may read this book as it gives pregnancy-related information for every month. During the pregnant condition, while you are facing complications, you may read the book to find the solution. The book also includes useful tips for the pregnant women.

There is a separate section on the newborns and birth. Although you can find very limited details, everything is accurate. The obstetrics and gynecology specialists, Roger Harms and Myra Wick have contributed to the creation of this book.


  • Composed by the knowledgeable writers
  • Good information for pregnant moms and new couples
  • Systematic data on baby’s growth


  • Birth section must have more information

3. Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar (English)

A Marathi author, Shree Balaji Tambe has written this book. However, this is the English version of the book, available at a reasonable price. Shree Balaji is a reputed ayurvedic physician, and his book is best for couples, who have a dream of creating a small family by giving birth to a baby. From the moment you have realized the pregnancy to the time of delivery- throughout this long period, Tambe’s book may become your best companion. The new moms, having two to three-years babies, may also read the book to get instruction on yoga and nutrition. The author has given you the tips on regaining the right physical shape after delivery. You can find lots of concepts on the Ayurvedic medicines related to pregnancy.


  • Helps you to give birth to a healthy baby
  • Diet charts for pregnant
  • Includes tips on oil massages for pregnant


  • No information for any working woman

4. Brain Rules for Baby

Everyone tries to be the best and most responsible parents. This is one of the best books to read during pregnancy. It helps you to accomplish your dream. John Medina, a scientist has written this book. Medina has presented fascinating stories to describe the development of the kids’ brain. You can get the best tips for raising and nurturing a child in the modern age. The book has presented information on various factors that affect a baby’s brain in the womb. For instance, the stress during your pregnancy may cause an impact on the child’s temperament. It also reduces your baby’s IQ level and concentration ability.

The book has also talked about the need of positive relationship between moms and dads. In few parts, Medina has applied amusing, conversational writing style. This has made everything comprehensible to the readers.


  • Interesting facts
  • Helps parents to develop new approach
  • Good guide


  • Heading and content irrelevancy in few sections

5. Pregnancy Notes: Before, During & After

Lots of moms have chosen it as one of the best pregnancy book in India. Rujuta Diwekar has gained reputation as a pregnancy book writer. She has composed this book for the presently pregnant women, and the moms, who have delivered their baby recently. You can get information on physical workouts, recovery and foods, and all these details are beneficial during your pregnant condition.


  • Includes tips on staying safe during pregnancy
  • Removes the confusions of moms
  • Reasonable price
  • Available in paperback and Kindle edition


  • Recipes are especially for Maharashtrians

6. The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book

A pregnant woman always counts the days and waits for the final day for delivery. This book gives you instructions on what you have to do every day for the development of your baby. Get the updated information from this book, written by a group of professionals. You can know how your hormones play a role in growing your fetus.

You can find some sections in question and answer format. For the post delivery condition, the authors have given you tips on an hour-basis.


  • Composed by the renowned gynecologists
  • Informative book
  • Diet tips for pregnant women


  • No uniqueness

7. The New Basics: A-to-Z Baby & Child Care

All the parents try to follow the pediatricians’ instructions for their babies. Written by one of the pediatricians, Dr. Michel Cohen, this book has also turned out to be the best source of knowledge to the new parents. Cohen has realized the concerns of these couples, and he has tried to solve them easily with clear information. He has also presented some techniques that keep up the health and pleasure of the children’s life. By reading this book, you may find it easy to tackle a baby during the breastfeeding and pumping sessions.

You can learn parenting from going through the book. Most of the parents face challenges while dealing with their kids. However, Cohen’s book is intended to teach you the simplest ways to keep away from this issue.


  • Includes a FAQ from real parents
  • Eases your task of nurturing the baby
  • Tips on curing the child’s ailments


  • No complaint against this book

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Record Book

While you are looking for the best pregnancy book in India, you can rely on it. It is available in various versions- Kindle edition, hardcover and paperback. However, you may also invest on the audio CD version.

The book is written by one of the award-winning authors, Eric Carle. This is the best asset that enables you to show your love and affection for your baby. It’s a type of picture book, and is different from all other paperbacks. This keepsake baby book has a thick padded cover with embroidered design. You will get forty eight pages in total. The fun illustrations make the book attractive. You can insert your baby’s photos.


  • Records the most precious moments of babies and moms
  • Uniquely designed
  • Helps in tracking valuable details on your pregnancy and newborn baby


  • Very small holes

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