5 Foods To Feed Before Age-1

When its turn to feed your kids before age 1, a variety of options are available for the parents. Research shows that more the vegetables and fruits are eats by your kids, the more likely he or she get energy. Following are the list that best-feeding food for the kids before age one. We discuss the foods one by one:

  • Berries:

Berries are the excellent food option for the babies. Berries are best for anti-oxidant strength, due to the presence of phenolic compounds like gallic acid, cyanidins, tannins, quercetin, etc.  Serve a chopped or small berry as the finger foods or blend few berries in the blender for the delicious puree.

Give your little kids, smashed berries with your finger or with the help of a spoon. Blend the berries in the blender and spread the mixture on the toast provide the healthy food for the little champ. But little bit precautionary measure should be taken in feeding more berries to your kids.

  • Banana:

Banana is considering the best food for babies. Due to the presence of a good source of potassium, it provides maximum strength to your baby. It also contains vitamin B6 and C, Iron and calcium that helps to gives strength to bones of your baby. By smashing the banana in the plate and feed to your kids, provides a sweet and happy mode of your baby.

  • Peanut:

Research shows that feeding peanuts to your babies before age one helps to prevent your kids from peanut allergies. Peanut butter has rich in healthy nutrients and considers the excellent source of proteins. It is good food for the vegan or vegetarian babies. Try to search the peanut butter that contains no added sugar or salt. It is necessary to never give your kids the spoonful peanut butter or whole peanut because of the risk of choking. Consult with the pediatrician about the feeding amount of peanut or peanut butter to your babies.

  • Leafy greens veggie and spinach

Many babies feel open to trying new foods in the form of leafy greens veggie or spinach. They make a funny face or may refuse to eat new food once or two times. Never give up this offering because these foods are healthiest foods on the Earth. It contains rich iron and other natural ingredients that are necessarily important for your babies in the future. It is essential to accustom your kids with the healthy earthy taste of kale, chard, and spinach. These foods are helpful to make your kids the more adventurous eater in your near future.

  • Salmon fish:

salmon fish

For growing babies, omega-3 fatty acid and DHA play a significant role to improve their cognitive development. Salmon fish contain both in plentiful quantity. The fish makes your babies smarter, increase focus, improve vision, boost their mood, prevent from eczema and enhance immunity in the kids. Mash some flaked and cook fish into the bread or puree. Bake it and makes a salmon nugget. It is necessary to feed little pieces of bread slices to your kids for precautionary measure.

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